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Pesky net-skookins aside, today has been - thoughtful.

I usually go upstairs (ITS Main Offices) and check my office mailbox once a day. Today I got up there and my boss and the Unix Sys Admin are discussing a meeting in Denton tomorrow afternoon (to which I, too, have been invited). Basically, this is going to cover the game plan for the initial installation of the PeopleSoft SYS and DEMO databases. This discussion evolved, again, into a 'bitch' session about what place the Sys Admin and I will play in the new organization plan. It is understood that we will be assisting with the installation, etc. of the new EIS system, but following that - what?

The game plan is to have all Oracle databases residing on the Denton hardware, responsibility for their upkeep and maintenance on Denton's shoulders. The whole system is supposed to be implemented, in its entirety, by Fall 2005. This means that the existing software system that we use has to be maintained until that time - then it goes away.

If all the databases are on Denton's hardware, what good are the 2 big Unix boxes or 4 smaller Unix servers we just bought? Very little work for a Unix System Administrator.

If all the databases are up there, where's the need for an installation of Oracle here? Very little work for an Oracle DBA.

And knowing that I.T. is constantly in the market for young up-and-comers, all of whom lean toward all the great gee-whiz technology ... who's gonna be interested in my age?
All of these issues and more have been considered ever since last year, and no answers have been forthcoming.

My boss told us today that one of his goals is to insure that none of his staff lose their jobs in the process of implmenting the new system. But as I pointed out to him, losing an unnecesary DBA and Unix Admin (because of the Denton site) would free up salary funds that could be applied to acquiring 2 or even 3 more application programmers - for which there will be big demand.

Though his heart is in the right place, and he's been adamant about 'his position', I pointed out to him that based on what he's told us so far, and what we've been presented with to date (over the past 9 months), I don't see myself or the Unix SysAdmin here 3 years from now when the final module goes live and the old system is shutdown and removed; that it appeared that it was time I started looking around for a new position to support myself and family ... esp. with me putting my sweetheart through school so she can have a more rewarding and fulfilling career instead of all these god-awful temp jobs.

I wonder if I could learn to make Texas-mesquite flutes? Or maybe ocarina's?

I've always joked around that I was searching for a lighthouse in need of a keeper - a place where I could do general upkeep, light maintenance, give tours, and spend the rest of the time in contemplation, or writing, or drawing ... far removed from the hustle and bustle of cities.

[ thoughts of NaNoWriMo are far away now. ]

See y'all tomorrow


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