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Birthdate:Nov 15
Location:Fort Davis, Texas, United States of America
Though born in mid-state New York, we moved to "Panther City" in 1959 and I ended up being raised a Texan. As a result, you may safely assume that I have a very strong and well established pride in all things Texas - including the characteristic bigger-than-life bragging . However, along with that is our famous Texas Hospitality, which is readily offered to all my friends and acquaintances.

Divorced after 16 years of marriage, I eventually re-married - a beautiful young woman to whom I am absolutely devoted and with whom I am deeply in love (as all Hopeless Romantics are), my own CJB.

And finally, by my first wife, I have two sons; RSAB and NRHB. I now have two daughters-in-law, NTB and NSB, and three grandchildren, KJB, MBB, and ICB. Though I have not seen RSAB in many years (due to circumstances beyond my control), I love them dearly. I finally have a relationship with my youngest, NRHB, thanks to my daughter-in-law NTB, and have had occasion to visit them several times (in Quebec and NY) and to meet my grandchildren. They're all adorable and so happy.

- PDS Esq.
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