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Born: "Kaleb James" B.
When: 09:14 AM EST, Tuesday Nov. 11, 2008 (7 lbs. 14 oz.)
Where: Waterville/Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
To: Neill R.H.B. and Nicole T.B.

So, I'm a newly-made grandfather as The Blake Clan grows.

QC/CA G-mother's picture album: http://tinyurl.com/6qyyyg

QC/CA Godmother's picture album: http://tinyurl.com/6khj4h [ starting about 1/2 way down ]
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Thanks to everyone who has sent their kind thoughts. For all of you - here we were: )
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Well, we had to put poor Max to sleep Saturday. He was having heart problems due to an over-sized heart - his breathing was very labored and his heart rate was way up. Plus we discovered his abdomen greatly distended when we got home from shopping Saturday afternoon which, on the x-ray, indicated liver and/or spleen problems. He had been a bit lethargic and needy a couple of days last week, and we figured he was just feeling a bit puny and needed the extra attention - which he did on occasion.

I really hated having to do it, as he was the best dog Joyce and I have ever had. Never a complaint or worry. Always up for either playing tug-of-war with his blue dough-nut or hopping up in your lap for puppy (9+ years old) kisses and belly rubs.

It sure is quiet coming home - not hearing his dog tags tinkling as he comes walking out of from his bed to greet us every day. It is really hard to sit on the couch without my best buddy curled up on his blanket next to me with his head in my lap - getting his ears skritched.

Poor Joyce - she was crying so hard and feeling guilty that we couldn't do more for him. She swears that she doesn't want to get another dog after going through all the heartache of this weekend's loss. But ... we've always had a dog or two around the house, so I expect her to give in and suggest a drive down to the ASPCA in a couple three weeks or so. I sure hope so - 'cause there's a huge empty space around the house now.


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