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So I'm sitting here at the dentist's office as Annorien endures her first appointment w/ the oral surgeon. I have hours of fun ahead of me ... thankfully I have _Dark_Sleeper_ by Jeffrey Barlough along to keep me occupied.

Stupid dentists. She was supposed to pick up her partial yesterday but the lab screwed up ... so she gets to sit around for 10 days with 5 missing teeth. Now - won't that go over great if someone calls her in for a job interview? Stupid dentists.

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So I am sitting here in my sweetheart's room as she slips in and out of an extended nap.

The sugery accomplished everything she came in to have done, even though they had to do it the hard way (meaning the scheduled "day surgery" has turned into a 4-day hospital stay due to a slight complication.

So I get a couple of days off to keep her company when she's awake ... get a head-start on By Heresies Distressed.

Ah - she's sleeping again after her 1st walk of the day.

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