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Well, I've quit smoking again - for the 3rd time.

First time, some 15 years ago, I quit cold for a whole year but started up again when circumstances leading to my divorce started making me way too edgy and nervous and wanted my habit back to stay calmed down - which worked just like expected.

Next time was about 5-6 years ago when Joyce and I tried to quit together. Didn't work out very well. We were at each others throats within a week and decided it wasn't worth it. She really needs to quit. She's had smoker's cough as long as we've been together.

This time, we're on the new Chantix pill. Seems to work okay for me - the withdrawal/craving stuff isn't half as bad as it was the first 2 times. I figure if I an get through this first week and 1st month I'm home-free again.

Joyce is having problems with the side-effect of being restless. She already takes medication to get to sleep at night. Unfortunately the Chantix is disrupting that. So, she's going to quit the Chantix and make the heroic effort of going cold so we can still quit together.

Really, though, this is more for me than her anyway. When we went in for her check-up, I'd already been feeling the effects and asked the doctor outright about Chantix and getting a prescription. Now, my chest doesn't feel as heavy and I'm breathing much easier than I was a few weeks ago. Hopefully I can get off and stay off for good this time.

So here I go again.


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