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I saw an announcement on the THWC List that the annual NaNoWriMo is getting cranked up to begin again and many of my friends there plan to dive in head-first yet again.

I have had an idea for a story bouncing around for a little over 2 years now. Many thanks are owed to long-time friend John Adcox. It was he that brought to light the original article from a Florida newspaper from which the idea came. Intriguing enough to set me to researching many of the key players.

Still - 50,000 words is an awful lot - and with Peoplesoft classes and Fit-Gap meetings, how would I ever find the time?

Still further - mayhap it was meant to be, finally, that I strike out into the unknown and try to write something significant, as my sweetheart has been urging me to do for well on 9 years now. She misses my tales.

And yet - How can I do this and not have it come out just like any of the authors whose works I follow so loyally? How do I make this my tale and not a 'clone' of someone else's ideas? That fine line between originality and even a hint of plagarism scares me off the entire project.

Although - I have always held to one maxim in my writing. I always write just for me, to please just myself, and the rest of the world be damned. That a handful of close friends have found my work worthy of compliment surprises me. Perhaps I shall bite the bullet this year - put forth the effort irregardless of the 50K goal. Just to say I did it. Just to see where this idea, calling me for so long, will lead.

It bears further thought


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