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Born: "Kaleb James" B.
When: 09:14 AM EST, Tuesday Nov. 11, 2008 (7 lbs. 14 oz.)
Where: Waterville/Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
To: Neill R.H.B. and Nicole T.B.

So, I'm a newly-made grandfather as The Blake Clan grows.

QC/CA G-mother's picture album: http://tinyurl.com/6qyyyg

QC/CA Godmother's picture album: http://tinyurl.com/6khj4h [ starting about 1/2 way down ]
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... there were two young boys who, through no fault of their own, ended up having to endure a difficult divorce. Following the divorce, as specified by the Decree, there were once a week dinners and alternating weekends with their dad. Visitations were too much fun, what with adventurous excursions and a guaranteed Pizza Friday. It was easy too, with dad living nearby.

But then evil visited in the guise of a company layoff. Dad was caught up in this whole process, and after being out of a job for a year, he finally landed a nice position with a new company. Unfortunately, the new job was in another city, hours away, and the weekly dinners and alternating weekends came to an end as everything shifted in accordance with the Decree. Still, the guidelines were clear, and the dad could look forward to alternating holidays and 6 uninterrupted weeks during summer - or so he thought. The schedule started off quite well, and then disaster struck.

On a T-giving visit, the boys had spent the evening with their cousins and when their dad showed up to visit with his brother and pick them up, an adventure in the form of rockets presented itself. "We're going to go down and shoot Matt's rockets off, Dad. Come on!", the boys shouted excitedly. The launch site was to be the huge empty parking lot of a long closed down mall a few blocks away. Heading for their uncle's pickup truck, the two boys followed their cousin's lead and started to scramble into the truck-bed. After careful consideration, the youngest was pulled out to sit up front with his uncle and Dad - it being decided that he was really too young to be riding in the back end of the truck, in spite of the fact that the trip would be on residential back streets. The oldest, however, was allowed to remain because he was of a more mature and responsible age, though he was cautioned to sit up against the back of the cab and not move until they'd arrived at the launch site. The trip ... the multiple launchings ... the whole afternoon was great fun and very exciting. The price would be high.

A few days after returning home to the mother, the phone rang and a very upset and irate Ex-Wife called and proceeded to have her say with the Dad - how irresponsible it was of him to allow the boys to ride in the back of the truck (even though only one of them actually did so.) ... exacting costly promises that it would never ever happen again on pain of losing all visitation rights and ... the list went on and on. All of which, after much thought, was readily agreed to. Thus it proceeded. Plane tickets were sent down for the regular Christmas visitation - the boys arriving on schedule. Weekly phone calls were made (in spite of an eavesdropping Ex-Wife). Plane tickets were sent down for their Spring break visitation - again, the boys arrived on schedule. More phone calls between the visits. Then along came their greatest event - the long awaited 6 week summer extravaganza - their first ever.

The tickets went south.

The tickets came back north, returned unopened.

Via phone calls it was determined that the Ex-Wife has decided that it was too dangerous for the boys to visit their father during the summer. After all, he'd let them ride in the rear-end of their uncle's truck and, despite the promises exacted and the last two visitations where nothing of the sort ever happened again, her attorney had advised her that it would be better if they stayed home. Threats were made - nothing was to be said to the children or consequences would be dire - and as it was her habit of listening in on all telephone conversations, what could be done? As she desired it to be - so it was done. Phone calls continued, sporadically. T-giving came and went - with plane tickets returned again. Christmas came and went - plane tickets returned yet again. A once in a lifetime opportunity to spend 2 weeks in the Cayman Islands with g-parents was missed - the Ex-Wife fears the g-parents were going to abduct her children. Afterward - there were never any more Pizza Fridays, wildlife excursions, no more anything. No contact was permitted with father, or grandparents, or uncles, aunts, or cousins - unless a pilgrimage was made to the south.

That was 10 years ago. Rumor has it that the eldest, graduating from high school, was to enter college. A monetary graduation gift from his g-parents generated (after 9 years of silence) a thank you card confirming that "it would help with college expenses." Last word was he entered the local community college with expectations to move on to the 4-year school this past spring. Nothing else is known. No word about the youngest at al


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