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Well, this weekend should be very interesting.

My two EA's both work for the Denton Co. Sheriff. Student #1, the one I was actually assigned to, is the techie who installs the lights and radios and other equipment in the cruisers and stuff. Student #2, who is just a skosh behind, is an officer. The WM is assigned as his mentor.

However, as they also happen to live next door to one another, any time I go over to Student #1's house to teach, Student #2 comes over to study as well - and that's okay. Anyway, the two of them are scheduled to turn in their EA proficiency next Thursday and then get Passed. Actually, we're working extra hard to get Student #2 Raised before he goes back for Tour No. 3 in Iraq later this spring.

Now the fun part - in order to get in some extra study time before next Thursday, tomorrow morning I get to do a ride-along with Student #2, i.e. I get to ride around in the cruiser with him all day. (Provided I pass today's background check of course.) We tried to do that this past weekend, but a dead-body call disrupted those plans, so we're trying it again tomorrow. Kinda kewl ... and definitely a first for me.


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