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Today, Wed. 16SEP09

Road Rage Remedy: Caprice and Kleine Romanze for Cello and Piano, Op. 79E: No. 2 - Kleine Romanze by Max Reger

March of the Day: Powhatan's Daughter (Pocahantas) by John Phillip Sousa

The Worthless Word for the Day: snarge
[prob. onomatopœia] /snarj/ the Feather Identification Lab at the Smithsonian Institution has, sometime within this century, coined this term for the goop that remains of a bird after it collides with an airplane (notwithstanding Charles Elster's insistence that it's really "a person nobody likes; a total jerk")

"Carla Dove(!) and her team at the feather-identification lab at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History, study snarge — that's the bird goo that is wiped off an aircraft after it hits a bird." - All Things Considered [NPR], January 16, 2009

"How badly do I want to hear Tamara Taylor say, 'Any word on the snarge?' and/or 'There's human DNA in the snarge'? So. Badly." - Jamie Frevele, The Huffington Post Jan 21 2009
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