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R-Cubed, MotD, a WWftD - Mon. 14SEP09

Today, Mon. 14SEP09

Road Rage Remedy:
Londonderry Air a.k.a. Danny Boy - traditional/anonymous

March of the Day:
The Melody Shop by Karl King

The Worthless Word for the Day: perquisquilian
[fr. L. quisquiliae, trifles, rubbish] (cf. quisquilious) obs. nonce-word : thoroughly worthless

"It is a most unworthy thing for men that have bones in them, to spend their lives in making fiddle cases for futilous women's fancies: which are the very pettitoes of infirmity, the giblets of perquisquilian toys." - N. Ward, The Simple Cobler of Aggawam (1647)


"Efficient primality routines blinking retribution and incalescent divinity without the avoidance of cachinnatory hysterics. Avoid the perquisquilian planets that hatch pseudo magic lanterns." - Jason Earls, Red Zen (2007)

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