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Yesterday, Mon. 07SEP09

Road Rage Remedy:
Carnival of the Animals: No. 13, The Swan by by Camille Saint-Saëns

March of the Day:
Hail to the Spirit of Liberty by John Philip Sousa

The Worthless Word for the Day:
domnoddy [origin uncertain] /DOM noddy/ fool, ninny, nincompoop, simpleton (also, noddypoll, noddy)

"You idiot! You cabbageheaded domnoddy! If you've hurt my horse, I'll have your skin!" - Gerald Morris, The Squire's Tales, 1999

"But it can be a miserable, lonely existence for a subordinate who yearns to be productive and get things done, but is caught in a strangle hold by an unqualified and incapable domnoddy. Incompetent managers rely heavily on rules, policies, and procedures." - Jim Weaver, How Did You Manage That?, 2002

"What bothers me is that I am dying (albeit quite pleasantly) because of the most gignatic f[oul]-up, brought about by domnoddies, nincompoops and ninnyhammers of the first order who happened to find themselves in charge of f[oul]ing everything up." - Louis de Bernieres, Birds Withoug Wings, 2004

Today, Tue. 08SEP09

Road Rage Remedy:
Madama Butterfly: Un bel dì vedremo by Giacomo Puccini

March of the Day:
Sabre and Spurs by John Philip Sousa

The Worthless Word for the Day:
devenustation [de- + venustation, a making beautiful] (Steinberg's coinage?) the condition or process of being reduced from Venus status: de-aestheticization

"[W]e can rely on Leo Steinberg's reading of the formal and thematic ways in which Les Demoiselles constitutes "the radical devenustation" that inaugurates modernist art." - Charles Altieri, The Kenyon Review Spring, 1984

"LEGS. The one devenustation. What intrusive image will you have, swollen fetlock? Curb at the bank of the hock? Puffed gaskin?" - Alexander Theroux, Darconville's Cat, 1981
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