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Sep. 9th, 2009

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Today, Wed. 09SEP09

Road Rage Remedy:
Concerto for Harpsichord in F-minor: 2nd movement, Largo - Arioso Johann Sebastian Bach

March of the Day:
Tyrolean Woodcutter's March by Josef Franz Wagner

The Worthless Word for the Day:
maritodespotism [fr. L. maritus, husband + despotism] /MAR i toh DES puh tiz'm/ ruthless, tyrannical domination by a husband.

"One could very well assume that these women are victims of domestic violence and might have been subject to extreme maritodespotism without any recourse for legal or social review of their circumstances with the aim of attaining a favourable outcome." - Akin Akintayo, Akin (blog) 21 January 2009

"Ruthless domination by a husband is "maritodespotism. " Search for the comparable wife word is under way. Stand by." - L. M. Boyd, San Fran. Chronicle Apr 5, 1998

[that would be uxorodespotism]

"... and the one and only hyperhedonic, brimborian, and mendaciloquent maritodespot, playing craps and engaged in a heated, rather secretive, hubbub over someone's roll." - Christopher WunderLee, The Loony (2005)

(and apropos of nothing...)

"Known hence forth as a quantum heretic, Albert was left in a strange limbo, his ideas were discussed to a great extent; however he, himself, who so many considered the personification of floccinaucinihilipilification, was greatly ignored." - Christopher WunderLee, ibid.


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