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Live from The Sea Horse Inn & Posting House, County Gloamshire
OotD: National Doughnut Day
MotD: E.W. Elgar - "Pomp & Circumstance March #1 in D (Op. 39/1)"
WotD: rimestock (n) - old almanac with runic writings.
  1. Giovanni Righi, Italian composer and friar (1577)
  2. Christian Traugott Tag, composer (1777)
  3. Robin Orr, Scottish composer (1909)
  4. Steve Brookins, rocker [band: .38 Special] (1951)

Upcoming Calendar:
Birthday - Jefferson Davis (06/03)
National Trails Day (06/03)
First Day of Summer (06/21)
111th Anniversary - Mesa Verde National Park (06/29)

"So many things are possible just as long as you don't know they're impossible." - Norton Juster, author & architect

Personal Commentary/Observation
Finally - the fence issue is supposed to be resolved beginning Tuesday when the contractor arrives to dismantle the old fence and erect the new one with metal posts, single slat verticals (not pre-made panels), and 2x4 runners. It's been weeks and the neighbor hemming and hawing as our dogs find breaks they can squeeze through and go visiting. I don't mind the visits - I mind the stuff Grumkin brings back into our yard that's not his, like a old rawhide chew that's probably been sitting out for weeks and is all soft and pliable instead of tough and chew-able.

Got a call from my dad last night. He discovered that the Van Cliburn piano competition is running right now and wanted to know if CJB and I would be interested in attending. CJB said it's not her thing, but I'll go along with him - probably a Wed. or Thur. night. I am on vacation after all.

Finally, only a single red-tail this morning on one of the the high-power line towers at my work exit. Otherwise everything was pretty quiet this morning. Again, no rabbits, squirrels, or skunks - only songbirds.
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